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Dog walking


We provide group walks or solo walks for dogs. There is a discount for multiple dogs from the same home. Group walks are 1 hour of paws on the ground time but your dog may be away for longer due to pick up and drop offs. Private dogs walks are 45 minutes of paws on the ground time.

Private dog walks 45 minute walk without other clients $50
($10 per additional dog from the same home)
Group dog walks Social walk or play in the park with other clients dogs.
No more than 15 dogs will go on these outings
Dogs over 7 months of age must be desexed to participate in group walks.
($20 per additional dog from same home)

Pet sitting

A live-in sitter minds your pets while you are away (book well ahead).
(For dogs, walks are included in the price.)

Pet sitting per night (for sits longer than one week) $55
($5 per additional pet)

For short sits, less than one week the fees are doubled

Obedience Training

Private Consultation – for you and your dog

We provide private sessions for you and your dog so you can learn tips and tricks from a pro to train your dog yourself. We can work on issues such as impulse control and leash walking or anything else you would like to improve.

A private consultation consists of:

Private consultation to train you and your dog $450 for the package

*Note: A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to book a private consultation.

Private Session – for just your dog

We provide private sessions with your dog, tailoring the sessions to their individual needs. We can teach your dog tricks, basic obedience or do fun activities such as agility. After an hour with us your dog will be exhausted from using his/her brain so much!

One hour training sessions are only open to current clients or clients who have previously booked a consultation.

Private session with your dog $70 per hour

Dog Treats - For Sale!

Dog treats from Boat to Bowl and The Pet Project are available for sale.
Free delivery is availble in Yarraville, Seddon and Kingsville. Click here for the pricelist.

Queen of the Hounds carefully researched the various brands of treats to find ethical and healthy treats for your dog.
All treats are produced in Australia.

Boat to Bowl was chosen as they have a unique business model.
They use the bycatch (fish or other marine species caught unintentionally while trying to catch another type of fish).
This reduces marine waste and increases sustainability in the seafood industry.
All the fish is caught in Australian waters and is air-dried to create a natural treat for your dog.

We partnered with The Pet Project as they are a local business based in Melbourne.
They have a large range of air-dried meats and offer semi-moist treats that are preservative and additive free.
All their meat is 100% Australian. With such a wide range there should be something for even the most fussy dog.

About us

“There are no bad dogs, only scared dogs”

Queen of the Hounds was opened by Anne Adams. Anne adores animals.
She started her first pet sitting business when she was 14 years old.
She fostered cats for a local rescue group and an animal shelter for many years.
She is confident providing medication as well as love to animals.

Anne is currently studying for a Certificate IV in Companion Animals with Delta.
She has been a regular at dog obedience classes for three years and has trained two dogs to agility level.

She has an interest in ‘reactive dogs’. (Which is sometimes labelled as dog-aggression.)


Contact Anne, Queen of the Hounds, 0491 764 741


Queen of the Hounds will only be providing service to households where all eligible people are fully vaccinated. Stay safe out there!